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Chronological Order of Rho Agenda Series April 16, 2017

Posted by rhoagenda in Rho Agenda Updates.

Since several fans have asked me to explain the chronological order of my Rho Agenda series, here it is:

The first three books (the inception series) gives the Jack and Janet backstory and also reveals the backstory of the alien rider (Khal Teth aka Anchanchu) in Jack’s head, the Altreian being that pulls him into the Rho Agenda.
1. Once Dead
2. Dead Wrong
3. Dead Shift
Books 4-6 introduce the two space ships from warring alien civilizations, The Second Ship (Altreian) and The Rho Ship (Kasari Collective) and their continuing warring agendas as they choose their champions.
4. The Second Ship
5. Immune
6. Wormhole
Books 7-9 follow up on Wormhole and its aftermath.
7. The Kasari Nexus
8. The Altreian Enigma
9. The Meridian Ascent.

Hope this helps.