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Super Blood Moon Awesome January 31, 2018

Posted by rhoagenda in Rho Agenda Updates.
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This morning, well before sunrise, I sat in my backyard with family and friends to toast the first Super Blue Blood Moon since the end of the American Civil War in 1866. To say that the experience was awesome is an understatement.

Our single moon, locked in its tidal grip with our world, so that it shows only one face to humanity, is a beautiful thing to behold. But in the grip of Earth’s shadow, it reveals itself to be something more: a blood-moon, ripped from Earth’s heart by a collision with her primordial, sister-planet.  As a result of that impact, our lovely moon grows ever more distant, year by year, century by century, millennium by millennium, until eventually it will be lost to the heavens. And should humans survive until that time, they will find themselves alone in a dark night, deprived of the goddess to whom Celtic priests and priestesses prayed.

So now, in these troubled times, I encourage you to look to our world, to our moon, and be thankful for all we have, for all we love. For it is love, and not hate, that binds us together, that brings us peace.

To all of those and their families, who sacrifice themselves to defend our freedoms to express ourselves, our love, and our art, my family sends our warmest regards. You truly are our heroes.