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A Message From The Sound of Silence February 21, 2021

Posted by rhoagenda in Rho Agenda Updates.

Hello to all my fans. I know, that in these troubled times, the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse appear to be upon us. All of these struggles, this lack of ability to communicate, to care about each other, is so disheartening that it tears my soul. With that in mind, I have recently heard a 2016 cover of the wonderful Simon and Garfunkel song, The Sound of Silence, by the band Disturbed. It blew my mind with how relevant the lyrics of that 1964 song are today. People are talking without speaking. People hearing without listening. It is so sad that we can’t hear each other. Thus, I introduce those few of you who have not heard Disturbed give their live performance on the Conan show.

Disturbed… The Sound of Silence


1. Kitty Gooris - February 24, 2021

Amazing! First time ever hearing Disturbed! Thank you for the introduction.
Keep faith Richard! Stay positive, if not for your self, do it for others!

Love and Respect,


rhoagenda - February 24, 2021

Thanks Kitty, Don’t worry. My family and I are doing quite well and are maintaining our positive outlook. I remember a very similar time in the 60s when there were riots and hatred between people. I think that is what the great Paul Simon dissected in his terrific lyrics for The Sound of Silence. All the best to you and yours.

2. LEON JON BONNEY - March 1, 2021

Thanks Richard. For as insane as things are now, I am hopeful because there are so many of us that see that we must hold fast to each other as humans and in the highest manners, regard and kindness.

rhoagenda - March 1, 2021

Leon, I agree completely.

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