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Rho Agenda Plans May 8, 2018

Posted by rhoagenda in Rho Agenda Updates.

Many fans of my Rho Agenda series have asked if I have future plans to extend the SciFi series after my current epic fantasy project, The Endarian Prophecy. I definitely plan on following up on several of my Rho Agenda characters as they react to the dystopian worlds in which I have left them. I just wanted to take a SciFi break to let my mind refresh itself.  Thanks for your loyalty.

Best, Richard


1. keith Wilson - May 10, 2018

I read The Rho Agenda books recently. I liked the series so much that I also read Rho Agenda Assimilation followed by The Endarian Prophecy series. I am delighted to hear that there is more planned for the characters. Now if I could just slow my reading down to keep synchronized with the written output, I would have a perfect world. Alas, I must endure the inevitable waiting for new stories, living as I do in this world. Keep up the great work!

rhoagenda - May 11, 2018

Many thanks Keith.

2. Peter Strazds - May 12, 2018

Please list the order in which I should read the Altrein / Rho series books. I have read several via Amazon on my Kindle but have now lost the sequence

rhoagenda - May 13, 2018

Hi Peter.
Here is the chronological reading order for the Rho Agenda Series

1. Once Dead
2. Dead Wrong
3. Dead Shift
4. The Second Ship
5. Immune
6. Wormhole
7. The Kasari Nexus
8. The Altreian Enigma
9. The Meridian Ascent


Peter Strazds - May 13, 2018

Many thanks. Now I just need to find, on Amazon, the ones I don’t yet have

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