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Rho Agenda March Special March 2, 2020

Posted by rhoagenda in Rho Agenda Updates.

Hello to all my SciFi Fans. I am excited to announce that for the month of March 2020, all nine of my Rho Agenda novels are on sale via Kindle for $0.99. This includes:

1. Once Dead $0.99
2. Dead Wrong $0.99
3. Dead Shift $0.99
4. The Second Ship $0.99
5. Immune $0.99
6. Wormhole $0.99
7. The Kasari Nexus $0.99
8. The Altreian Enigma $0.99
9. The Meridian Ascent $0.99
Richard Phillips


1. rhoagenda - March 20, 2020

Hi Manuel. I am not sure how the Amazon pricing works in Belgium or the rest of the EU. I would recommend that you set up a chat session with the Amazon.com support desk in your region and see if they can adjust the price you paid to the correct price.

Manuel - March 20, 2020

Thanks Richard for the prompt reply.
Being in Belgium is not the problem, since using a VPN (which makes it appear I’m in the US) does not solve the problem. My guess is you would find the exact same problem on your side of the ocean. Just thought I should let you know.

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