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Contract Negotiation Status Update September 20, 2011

Posted by rhoagenda in Rho Agenda Updates.

Okay.  Here’s the scoop.  The attorneys at my agency, Janklow & Nesbit, are currently arguing over final contract wording with the publisher’s attorneys.  Specifically, this involves derivative rights such as TV and movie rights.  Hopefully, this will be resolved in the near future.  I’ll let you know as soon as I do.


1. Ian MacGregor - September 21, 2011

Thanks for keeping us in the loop, Richard, and I hope this gets resolved soon. I’m seriously considering buying the entire trilogy under the new imprint.

Ian MacGregor (a.k.a. ardchoille)

2. Andy Tasker - September 29, 2011

Hi Richard,
Well at least we know it’s worth the wait and I’ve read 1 & 2 three times now 😉
As I previously mentioned the books seem made for film and I hope to get the Blue Rays in three or four years…

Keep at it and what’s next?

Kind regards,


3. biblicalprofessor - October 8, 2011

Good to hear you are contemplating a new “hard sci-fi” novel,
there are new possibilities with the CERN FTL issue up for discussion
as well as quantum entanglement theories. Please don’t trip and fall over the piles of really poor fantasy/vampire stories on the lawyers floor.
Best Regards
Old Dog Ron

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