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Early Readers February 25, 2012

Posted by rhoagenda in Rho Agenda Updates.

Thank you to all you folks who are providing feedback on the draft version of Wormhole.  For the time, being I am keeping the offer to join my early reader feedback program open and I will continue to make it available as long as I can.  Your comments are helping make the final product the best it can be.  Keep them coming.


1. Bob Caroti - February 25, 2012

Hello Richard … Thanks for letting me read ‘wormhole’ ahead of schedule! It is a page turner just like your first two books and while I did squirm abit at some of the ‘screw ups’ by some secondary characters … I loved the conclusion as a whole and believe you’ll get tons of aclaim once this thing is successfully published! I really enjoyed it and have suggested the series to many of my frinends! Best of Luck with it and keep on writing!

rhoagenda - February 26, 2012

Thanks Bob. Glad you found it entertaining.

2. Hunter - February 27, 2012

I was wondering if you have any news on when your third book will be published as I really won’t to read it and support your work. I love your first two books and can’t wait for the third.

3. Colin Jackson - February 29, 2012

Just finished reading Wormhole Richard.

If only it had been a quadrilogy 🙂

Enjoyed reading them all and I’m not usually the person for reading a trilogy but you’ve got me wanting more.

Thanks and good luck with future books.

4. Kristiana Kincaid - March 9, 2012

Happy to be an early reader, should you still require any.

If only all authors were so forward-thinking… currently beating my head over the typos and grammatical errors in another series.

5. mark Wright - March 10, 2012

If you’re still doing the early reader thing, I would be more than happy to take you up on it. I just can’t wait any longer to read this book. I’ll even buy it when it comes out for real just so you get the money you deserve. My email is markwright_71@kindle.com.

6. ANDY.T - April 5, 2012

Having purchased the first two books I was looking forward to buying the third in hard copy format to go with the two others as a set…

BUT I was surprised and honoured to have been granted the opportunity to have the e-version of wormhole sent to me.. It is a great read and I still think there is more than enough scope to carry on with another trilogy of books based around the survivors and the signal sent out to the makers of the ships.. Will they send another ship to earth? Will the survivors enter into another adventure or will they go and visit the makers? and of course there is the baby..what will the baby Jack develop into ? More questions and tails to follow I think…

I will probably buy the three books if they go to hard copy when published as I have read the two hard copy books four times now and the e-version of wormhole three times…

I do hope that the story is made into film/films as they would certainly have the basis for a box office hit…

Looking forward to your new books Richard.. and wish you good luck and thank you for the enjoyment of the first three…

Kind regards,


rhoagenda - April 5, 2012

Thanks for the comments Andy. I’ll keep posting periodic updates to the blog as we work our way through editing all three novels, designing the new covers, getting Brilliance Audio working on the audiobook versions and get to publication in the October-November time frame. Glad you enjoyed the Wormhole Draft.

7. Rebecca Beatty - July 9, 2012

What an amazing series of books!! Having read all three, plus a ton of other informed authors, your technical information is incredibly accurate. I feel these books would make for a great series of movies or a television series!!! I am 72, but I loved them and look forward to many more to come!!

rhoagenda - July 9, 2012

Many thanks Rebecca. I’m glad you enjoyed them and I’m excited that 47 North will be promoting them to a much broader audience when the new versions are released this fall. Thanks again for your thoughts. Richard

8. France's Lang - August 13, 2012

Richard, I have preordered your book on amazon and can’t wait any longer!!! I was searching your site and saw your early readers – I would be so excited to be in your early reader group. I got my husband hooked on the books and we are rereading them for the second time in anticipation. I’m on semester break in between Med school classes and am looking forward to curling up with your book! V/r Fran (USMA grad ’04)

rhoagenda - August 14, 2012

Glad to do it. Wormhole is on the way. Let me know if there’s any problem. My email is richard.phillips@secondship.net and you’ll need to make sure to add that address to your approved sender list. Also, I’ll be sending the draft version since 47 North has the final copy.

Ryan Petri - August 17, 2012

I am absolutely enthralled with this book series. I was extremely grateful for you allowing me to be an early reader. Are there going to be any major changes to the books now that you’re with a publisher, and are we going to have to purchase these books again? Not that I mind at all, just curious for those of us who bought the early versions.

rhoagenda - August 18, 2012

Hi Ryan,
Thank you. The eBook Kindle versions will initially be free to all Amazon Prime members. There are a number of changes to the novels that came about as I worked with Jeff Vandermeer, my editor, to fine tune the final product. There are only a few minor changes to The Second Ship. In Immune we did a little rearranging, took out a little bit to speed the pace, and I added a little to give a bit more detail to some of the backstory. As for Wormhole, I did quite a bit of the same type of edit that I did for Immune. I really appreciate all of you early readers that were willing to read the draft product and and I tried to keep all that feedback in mind as I worked through the final edit.

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