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March 9, 2012 Update March 9, 2012

Posted by rhoagenda in Rho Agenda Updates.

Got another big meeting in New York today, so we’ll see if we can get the deal closed.  The only remaining open issue involves whether or not the publisher gets the guaranteed rights to follow-on novels.  Christ, you’d think I was JK Rowling or something. In the meantime, I’ll keep my early reader program going strong.  I’ve really enjoyed the fan feedback and it’s definitely helped me make Wormhole the best I can make it.  Thank you all.


1. Peter - March 9, 2012

Dear Richard,

how long has it been that you introduced your great early reader progam?
I wonder why you don`t publish by yourself on Amazon. It should be so much faster with all the early readers.

All the best,


rhoagenda - March 9, 2012

You are correct, Peter. And I still may, if the pieces don’t come together soon. However, there are still a few things a major publisher can offer besides delays and lower commissions, such as: Foreign Language Translations, Physical Books available in Bookstores, Audio Book versions, etc.

2. Kimberly Sparks - December 6, 2012

I’m not sure this will work or not. I don’t do all the facebook,twiter, or know about blogs. I just love reading and since I retired several years ago I read 10-15 hours daily. My first love is science fiction, but also like thriller’s and mystery’s as well. Enough of this…since I don’t think I will get an answer anyway. I bought and read your first two books like 2 or so…maybe less can’t remember. I LOVED THEM AND HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THE LAST ONE!!!! I was SO HAPPY WHEN I RAN ACROSS WORMHOLE!!!!! I have a Kindle with an account w/Amazon so I just download books like that to read. I have your first two books in my archive/cloud. But when I typed in your name at the Kindle bookstore and it brought up your books they say released Oct. 2012??? I know for a fact that I read them back in ’09 or ’10. And when I pulled them out they have a 2009 date at the front of the book. But the covers are not the same? And if you have already bought a book (and don’t remember you did) and you try to buy it again Amazon sends you a message saying you already have the book and on what date you bought it. Well I thought maybe I’m crazy and they are somehow different but, if not, Amazon won’t allow me to buy it a second time. But it did????? So are the first two books different? I love these books…I would just like to find out what the deal is.

rhoagenda - December 6, 2012

Hi Kimberly,
Very good questions. If you have read my original first edition versions of the first two books you certainly don’t need to read them again. The difference is that I have a new publisher, 47North, and they provided a fabulous developmental editor by the name of Jeff VanderMeer, who helped refine the final versions of the novels. The Second Ship didn’t change very much. In Immune we moved a couple of chapters around and I added just a bit. Where he really helped was in the flow of Wormhole. Bottom line, if you have already read the first two novels, you can move on to Wormhole with no problem. By the way, if you want to read the revised editions, they are free through the Kindle Lending Library if you are an Amazon Prime member anyway. Hope this helps.

Kimberly Sparks - December 6, 2012

Thank you so much for getting back to me and answering my questions. I have been doing some digging and noticed that the first book is now longer than the original one (70-80 pages). I just can’t believe an author actually wrote me back!!! You made my year!!! And that is just what I have done I have gotten it from the Kindle lending library from Amazon! Again I LOVE THESE BOOKS!!!!! Just FYI…so you know the range of who loves your books…..Late 50’s…Texan…Female. And I am so proud for you that people took notice of you and great things have happened for you. It always brightens my heart to see good things happen for people that deserve it!! Keep the Great books coming. Who needs Steven King when great new writers like you are out there!

rhoagenda - December 7, 2012

Thanks Kimberly. I sure appreciate your support. Once you get done reading them again, if you get a couple of minutes to post a short reader review on Amazon, I would appreciate it. Happy Holidays. Richard

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