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Almost There August 26, 2012

Posted by rhoagenda in Rho Agenda Updates.

With just over a month until the publication of the 47 North, Jeff VanderMeer edited version of The Second Ship, followed shortly thereafter by the release of Immune and Wormhole, it is time for me to post an update.   The process of switching from being a self-published kindle (KDP) author has been a long and arduous task that is finally approaching fruition.  Signing with Janklow & Nesbit, followed by their lengthy publisher negotiations, finally led to me signing a contract with 47 North for The Rho Agenda trilogy in March of 2012.  We’ve now finished the final edits on all three novels and I have approved the cover designs for The Second Ship and Wormhole.  As The Second Ship goes to print, I expect to approve the design on Immune’s cover this week, followed by the typesetting proofs of both Immune and Wormhole.  I have really enjoyed working with Jeff VanderMeer to fine tune the pacing of all three novels to achieve maximum impact for the trilogy climax.  I am also excited that 47 North will be releasing the Brilliance Audio produced audiobooks at the same time the print and e-book versions of The Rho Agenda are released.

Thank you to all of you who have emailed me and hung in there waiting on Wormhole.  I think you’ll find the result worth the wait.




1. James Lowe - August 27, 2012

I am very excited, can’t wait.


2. Andy T - September 3, 2012

ANDY.T Somerset..

Cant wait for the new books after wormhole.. what/how will Jacks baby turn out to be etc.. and where did Jack come from?

Been a long time coming but I strongly suspect it will be worth the wait..

Kind regards,


rhoagenda - September 3, 2012

Hi Andy,
Yes. That’s one of the challenges of writing after work. It takes longer to crank them out. I’ll keep cranking though.

3. John Galt - September 21, 2012

When will I be able to buy the 3rd eBook on Amazon? Thanks.

rhoagenda - September 22, 2012

Hi John. Wormhole, Book Three of The Rho Agenda, will be available for kindle, paperback, and audiobook on Nov 20th. At the start of November, I’ll be at the World Fantasy Convention in Toronto with 47North, promoting the Rho Agenda trilogy and meeting with fans as 47 North starts its Rho Agenda Trilogy promotion.

4. John Galt - September 22, 2012

You mention the first 2 books were re-written. Were there any significant plot changes? Or can I jump into Wormhole, without having to re-read the first 2 books.

rhoagenda - September 22, 2012

Hi John,
The changes shouldn’t keep you from being able to dive right into Wormhole. Most of the changes were in Immune and included a little trimming to speed up the pace, a little rearranging, and I added a Freddy Hagerman chapter inside Henderson house. I also expanded the scene with Janet Price and El Chupacabra. You can always come back later and reread.

5. rob parker - November 23, 2012

Just finished third book. Super! But so many loose ends. Write more! Please.

rhoagenda - November 23, 2012

Thanks Rob. Glad you enjoyed it. Don’t worry, there’ll be more to follow up on our survivors and the changed world in which they find themselves. First, I have to finish my Jack Gregory prequel, Once Dead. I’m shooting for finishing the draft by the end of March and then handing it off to my editor while I start in on a follow up to The Rho Agenda.

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