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Jeff Carson Interview October 26, 2012

Posted by rhoagenda in Rho Agenda Updates.

This past week I enjoyed the opportunity to sit down for a skype-cast interview with Jeff Carson on his Work From Anywhere blog.   Jeff, currently working from Italy, spent an hour asking me about my best-selling Rho Agenda trilogy and about how I found my initial success by self-publishing for the Amazon Kindle.  Here’s the link to the interview:

Jeff Carson Interviews Richard Phillips


1. Joshua - December 3, 2012

Read whole trilogy in under a week. Phenomenal. Sincerely hope you start a new trilogy based on same characters, same setting, new and yet related threat. It’s a big universe out there. Oh, and find a way to bring Jackie and Raul back from death, maybe they combined technologies from the two adversaries in some fashion at the last second. Results in a superior wormhole/Bandolier hybrid ship that living creatures can survive the wormhole passage.
I’ll be waiting! 🙂

rhoagenda - December 4, 2012

As soon as I finish the draft of my Jack Gregory prequel “Once Dead”, I plan on writing a few stand-alone novels (not trilogies) to follow up on the characters and changed world/cosmos in which they find themselves. Very insightful with the joint tech thinking. You’re the first one that caught the hint dropped in when the Bandolier ship lit up in its cave as Jen started pulling all its computing power to try to solve that problem. It’s also why Mark’s and Heather’s headsets didn’t work near the end, Jennifer was using all the bandwidth the Bandolier Ship could provide. Jennifer, linked to Raul and his neural net and the Bandolier ship, figures out that even though the Rho ship can’t produce a subspace warp field that can enable a subspace warp drive like the Bandolier Ship, it can produce a weak subspace field to provide enough inertial damping to make the one ended wormhole passage survivable. I’ll leave the rest for the upcoming novel. I also plan a novel set twenty years farther in the future that will focus on a twenty-one year old Robert Brice Gregory (Robby).
Hope you have a great holiday season.

2. rhoagenda - July 7, 2013

I’m glad you enjoyed it. And thanks for reading my novels.

3. HugeFAN - August 29, 2013

Thank you!!! Awesome work on the sci part of the story. Awesome characters. Awesome plot. Awesome all round.

I’m going to have a hard time not comparing your work with the next book on my list.

If I may, why don’t you join the three of them (maybe raul too…so make that 4) and have them join the “Altreian Brigade”. I mean, the bad guys get the planet and good guys get nothing? Why couldn’t they get like recruits or something from the surviving species…just saying. And yes PLEASE bring back Jen!!!

Thank you so much for the time you invested in this project and making this series a reality.

rhoagenda - August 29, 2013

Many thanks for the kind words. And thank you for reading my series.

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