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Now on Twitter @RhoAgenda December 28, 2012

Posted by rhoagenda in Rho Agenda Updates.

Happy New Year to all you Rho Agenda fans out there.  As I take a break from work on my Jack Gregory prequel “Once Dead” I thought I’d let you know that thanks to Sharky Laguana … @Sharkyl … I decided to launch my @RhoAgenda twitter account and link this blog to it.  Those of you who want to follow me on twitter will see a tweet anytime I post something new here.  Hope you all have a great 2013.



1. Rob Akins - December 28, 2012

Just completed reading Wormhole and I must say I was impressed!
Though many trilogies end with the third book, I hope that is not the case here. I would love to read more about Heather, Mark, and if a miracle happened, Jennifer. Also, there has to be a story about Jack and Janet’s little boy Robby. Any hints?

rhoagenda - December 28, 2012

Hi Rob. Thanks. The trilogy is done … meaning that Dr. Stephenson’s Rho Agenda is done. However, I do plan a few standalone novels that follow up on the Rho characters and the changed world in which they find themselves. One of those will be set about twenty years farther in the future and will focus on young Robert Brice Gregory ‘Robby’. First though, I’m working hard to finish my Jack Gregory prequel “Once Dead” and get it to my editor this spring. As soon as that’s done I’ll start in on the first Rho Agenda follow-on. Hope this helps. Richard

2. Jeffery Lay - December 29, 2012

I’m glad to hear there’ll be some followup. I bought all 3 kindle editions just before Christmas, and have crammed them into almost every free moment, finishing today.

I’ve greatly enjoyed the books, but while the ending of the trilogy is a very satisfying conclusion to Dr. Stephenson’s efforts, there are clearly several loose ends (or rather, deliberately unexploited plot hooks) crying out for closure… or perhaps further exploration.

Fine stories, well written and thoroughly enjoyed – thank you.

rhoagenda - December 29, 2012

Thanks Jeffery. Glad you enjoyed them. By the way, if you get a chance to post a short reader review on Amazon, I’d appreciate it.
I wish you and your family a very happy 2013.

3. Joe Robledo - January 7, 2013

Excellent series – am smack in the middle of Wormhole. What makes this series interesting is the locations. I have been to almost all of the places where this takes place. I work in DC and travel much of the locations discussed. Keep the series alive please.

rhoagenda - January 7, 2013

Thanks Joe. Glad you enjoyed it. Don’t worry. I will be following up on the characters that survived Dr. Stephenson’s Rho Agenda.

4. wakeeta - March 4, 2013

I love your work, can’t wait to read more! Your books propelled me through my recovery from a spinal fusion surgery and have reinvigorated my desire to write as well. My thanks go out to you for The Rhi Agenda trilogy. I find it hard to contain my anticipation and excitement for you next installments!
Thanks for all your great work!

5. wakeeta - March 4, 2013

I’m sorry if this duplicates, I’m having some small problems when using this with my phone. I’d just like to thank you for your amazing work with The Rho Agenda trilogy, it’s been a long time since I became this attached to and engrossed in a story, an experience that helped propel me through my back surgery recovery with relative ease. I love your work and can’t contain my excitement and anticipation for your future installments, both related to The Rho Agenda as well as any other stories you pursue!
Thanks for all your work and those who worked with you to create these great stories!

rhoagenda - March 4, 2013

Thanks Stephen. Best of wishes for your speedy recovery. Back pain is certainly no fun.

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