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Third Book Title Feedback September 5, 2014

Posted by rhoagenda in Rho Agenda Updates.

If you would like to participate in the naming process for Book 3 of the Rho Agenda prequels, I’m looking for two word names … one of which is DEAD, building on the previous two titles (ONCE DEAD and DEAD WRONG).  One of the novel’s major plots is the antagonist’s scheme to upload his cryogenically preserved wife’s brain.



1. David Allen - September 5, 2014

Dead Memories

rhoagenda - September 5, 2014

Thanks David.

2. Betty - September 5, 2014

How about “Dead On.”

rhoagenda - September 5, 2014

Thanks Betty.

3. Bryan Lambert - September 5, 2014

Brain Dead? based on “cryogenically preserved wife’s brain.”

rhoagenda - September 5, 2014

Thanks Bryan. Once the list is done, I’ll send them all to my publisher … they get final choice. Richard

4. Larry Duncan - September 5, 2014

Twice Dead

rhoagenda - September 5, 2014

Thanks Larry.

Larry Duncan - September 7, 2014

Dead Still or Dead Again

5. Paul Thompson - September 8, 2014

Just to toss out whatever came to mind: Dead Cold, Soul Dead, Dead Match, Dead Copy, Dead Will, Dead Sync, Dead Conception, Dead Alive, Dead Shift.

I like Larry Duncan’s “Twice Dead,” especially if the antagonist succeeds and the wife’s uploaded brain ends up getting killed off.

rhoagenda - September 8, 2014

Wow. Great list. Thanks,

6. Joe Hamilton - September 9, 2014

I don’t care what you call it, I will read it!
Dead Ahead, Dead Silence, Dead Reckoning, Dead Last.

7. gochewie - September 10, 2014

“Dead Reckoning”, “Dead Reasoning”, “Dead Ahead”, “Dead End”, “Dead Herring”.

I liked “Twice Dead” and “Dead Cold”.

rhoagenda - September 10, 2014

Very nice. I’m building an Excel spreadsheet of everyone’s suggestions and will pass it along to my publisher.

8. Andrew Bialock - September 15, 2014

Dead Set

rhoagenda - September 16, 2014

I’ve added it to my spreadsheet for the publisher. Thanks.

9. Claudia Luetje - September 16, 2014

Drop Dead

If you also count votes then I also go for Twice Dead 🙂

rhoagenda - September 16, 2014

Hi Claudia. I’ll add it to the spreadsheet and tally your vote. Richard

10. George Bonner - September 19, 2014

Dead Loader, a process not unlike a Bootloader which loads a computers OS and executes it

rhoagenda - September 20, 2014

Thanks George. I’ll add it to my list that is going to my publisher.

11. Matthew - September 20, 2014

Dead Speaking or the reverse

rhoagenda - September 21, 2014

Good. I’ll add it to the list.

12. adjacentworlds - September 24, 2014

I enjoyed meeting you yesterday and your description of your writing process and your future plans. I really enjoined seeing the Rho Agenda covers, books, etc. on your wife’s cafe. My wife has agreed to stop by there for lunch the next time we are down that way.

Following the dead title idea that your publisher is looking for and everyone is jumping on board supporting, I suggest following ONCE DEAD and DEAD WRONG with DEAD DEAD.

I look forward to the story whatever it is called. I’m sold on your stories so I don’t need a catchy name to draw my attention.

rhoagenda - September 25, 2014

Thanks Ed. It was a pleasure.

13. Matthias - September 29, 2014

Not Dead

Never Dead

Dead Serious

rhoagenda - September 29, 2014


14. Frankie - September 29, 2014

Better Off Dead

rhoagenda - September 29, 2014

I like it. I guess I need to amend my rules to allow 3 words.

15. Roger - October 2, 2014

How about Dead…Undead.

rhoagenda - October 2, 2014

Hi Roger.
I like it. I’ve added it to my Excel list that will be forwarded to my publisher.

16. Garth - October 15, 2014

I don’t know if I’m too late but how about
Defining Dead

17. Garth - October 15, 2014

You could go for mysterious or obscure with
Dead Locution
Dead Enunciation
Or make you readers look it up with
Dead Prosopopoeia
Dead Reification
Or perhaps …..

18. Garth - October 15, 2014

Dead incarnation
Dead integration

Or play with some others like
Continueing, incomplete, animated
Questionably, misleading

Sorry I’m having too much fun with your request. I’m truly enjoying your books however

rhoagenda - October 15, 2014


rhoagenda - October 15, 2014

Added to my spreadsheet that is destined for delivery to my publisher.

thelastbesthope - October 15, 2014

Past Dead

rhoagenda - October 16, 2014

Got it. Thanks.

19. Vera Bedard - October 19, 2014

Your novels are so intelligent, fun and take you on a journey you don’t want to end. That is why I’m hoping there can be another Rho Agenda book, maybe a way to bring Jennifer back????? Possible title if this makes sense to the new story, Dead Bested or Dead Beaten

rhoagenda - October 19, 2014

Thanks Vera. I certainly plan on doing more Rho Agenda books set after Wormhole. In fact, I plan to get started on that as soon as I am done with the editing process for the last of the three Jack and Janet prequels. I’ll let you know. I’ve added your title suggestions to the list I am sending to my publisher.

20. Winston - October 24, 2014

Dead days or dead reason

rhoagenda - October 24, 2014

Thanks. I added them to the list.

21. Randy - September 1, 2015

A variation on a previous idea but more in programmer speak:

Dead Not

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