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New DEAD SHIFT Release Date March 7, 2015

Posted by rhoagenda in Rho Agenda Updates.

I’m happy to announce that my publisher has moved up the release of DEAD SHIFT from June 30th to May 19th.


1. thelastbesthope - March 7, 2015

Yes. Well done.

People are eager to buy what you’re offering. Bring the product to market ASAP.

2. omar h - April 1, 2015

Will the audiobook be released at the same time? or at a later date?

rhoagenda - April 1, 2015

Hi Omar. The audiobook will be released at the same time, May 19th.

3. Sam - May 22, 2015

Hi just wanted to say, I really enjoyed the prequel series.
And I am looking forward to your next series.
Also just as an aside for your records, the Chinese currency is yuan not yen (which is Japan’s currency). Which you referenced in chapter 52
other than that, thanks again for your books.

rhoagenda - May 23, 2015

Hi Sam. Thanks for reading my novels. I’m glad you enjoyed the prequels. I certainly should have caught the yen vs. yuan thing but somehow it made it past me and my editors. Oh well. Thanks again.

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