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Banned in China, Part Deux September 7, 2015

Posted by rhoagenda in Rho Agenda Updates.

So my latest novel, DEAD SHIFT, continues to be banned in China … the only one of my books to have been banished there. Ah well … Jack Gregory has apparently ticked off Chinese sensibility, even in fiction. To be fair, Jack does have a way of doing that.




1. thelastbesthope - September 7, 2015

The Central Politburo of the Communist Party of China didn’t like it one bit. You had the Ripper off China’s best warrior/killer and Jack wasn’t even at full speed.

(review your personal security protocols…they already have your file courtesy of OPM)

rhoagenda - September 7, 2015

Security protocol … implemented … history wiped … status unknown … Big John ( not as dead as some think )

2. John A Smith III - September 7, 2015

Jason Bourne couldn’t even get banned in China!! 🙂 The Ripper could be banned anywhere he wreaks havoc. Including NK and Russia if he is sent there! 😉 Best black ops character yet. JP is awesome too. The only person that can get close to the Ripper without fear. What a power duo they make!! I don’t care which genre you are writing, as long as you are writing Richard! Kudos!!

rhoagenda - September 7, 2015

Yes … JP is pretty awesome herself.

3. Edward Patterson - September 7, 2015

The problem is that Dead Shift is too realistic for them to ignore it.

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