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Kasari Nexus Audible Book Available March 29, 2016

Posted by rhoagenda in Rho Agenda Updates.

The Kasari Nexus Audible Book is now available for purchase and download. Enjoy. Richard Phillips


1. john e boland - March 29, 2016

Read the book. Good read as I expected. Very satisfying as the characters are developing and interacting. So good you decided to keep Freddy Hagerman and Yachay alive for future adventures.
I can’t see how the earth population will survive the Kasari. Invasion which appears imminent, but the answer to that is safely tucked away in your fertile brain.
So many futures are developing to keep the multiple facets of this and other stories alive in The Rho Agenda series.thank you.
John Boland

rhoagenda - March 29, 2016

Thanks John. Glad you’re enjoying it. I’m getting ready to deliver the draft manuscript of The Altreian Enigma to my publisher next week. After a month of editing, we should go final with that. Thanks again.

2. Josh - March 30, 2016

Just downloaded it on Audible. Now I’m tempted to not finish my current book because I want to get to Kasari Nexus! Just take my money and keep telling me amazing stories.
Also, any update on a movie? I can imagine the best movie scenes made from this story.

rhoagenda - March 30, 2016

Thanks Josh. No movie update yet. I’ll post it when something happens. Enjoy.

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