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Chronological Order of Rho Agenda Series April 16, 2017

Posted by rhoagenda in Rho Agenda Updates.

Since several fans have asked me to explain the chronological order of my Rho Agenda series, here it is:

The first three books (the inception series) gives the Jack and Janet backstory and also reveals the backstory of the alien rider (Khal Teth aka Anchanchu) in Jack’s head, the Altreian being that pulls him into the Rho Agenda.
1. Once Dead
2. Dead Wrong
3. Dead Shift
Books 4-6 introduce the two space ships from warring alien civilizations, The Second Ship (Altreian) and The Rho Ship (Kasari Collective) and their continuing warring agendas as they choose their champions.
4. The Second Ship
5. Immune
6. Wormhole
Books 7-9 follow up on Wormhole and its aftermath.
7. The Kasari Nexus
8. The Altreian Enigma
9. The Meridian Ascent.

Hope this helps.


1. Betty - April 16, 2017

Thank you for this!!  Very helpful!!Betty

rhoagenda - April 16, 2017

You’re welcome.

2. Gary Kennedy - May 4, 2017

Im a fan of your books. This looks interesting! Thanks
I would love to read them

rhoagenda - May 4, 2017


3. Rob - March 26, 2018

Thank you for detailing this out. I’m almost done listening to The Kasari Nexus on Audible. I didn’t know about the other series until today. Should I go back and read/listen to The Rho Agenda series and/or Rho Agenda Inception before finishing Assimilation?

rhoagenda - March 26, 2018

Hi Rob. Excellent question. Although you will get good entertainment from the Assimilation trilogy by itself, I think this will be vastly enhanced by at least reading the Rho Agenda Trilogy (The Second Ship, Immune, and Wormhole). That said, there are significant events in the Inception series (Once Dead, Dead Wrong, and Dead Shift) that introduce several of the key characters and their motivations from the Assimilation Series … specifically (Jack Gregory and his alien rider, Khal Teth a.k.a Anchanchu, Janet Price, Jamal Glover, Eileen Wu, and Dr. Denise Jennings, as well as the artificial intelligence hidden within Freddy Hageran’s “Lucky Marble”. Regardless of how you continue, I think you will enjoy the remainder of the Assimilation series.
Hope this helps.

Rob - March 26, 2018

Thanks for the quick reply! I figured there might be some backstory that I’m missing, but honestly, it’s written in a way that I’m able to understand the majority of the story right away or piece things together from context without having read the preceding books. Khal Teth was probably the only thing I didn’t fully understand without any backstory, but you did go into it enough with Kasari Nexus that I have some understanding. I’m really excited to get into (what is now, for me) the origin of everything. Thanks for writing these books, the story is very captivating.

4. Frankie - June 27, 2021

I listened to the Second Ship first and now I’m on Immune. Should I just finish Immune and then Wormhole then go back to Once Dead or should I start Once Dead now. Thank You.

rhoagenda - June 28, 2021

Hi Frankie. You can just finish Immune and Wormhole, then go back to the Dead books before reading The Kasari Nexus, The Altreian Enigma and The Meridian Ascent. That way you will be reading them in the actual order that I wrote them in. Enjoy.

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