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Conclusion of The Rho Agenda Series July 27, 2017

Posted by rhoagenda in Rho Agenda Updates.

The August 8th, 2017 release of The Meridian Ascent marks the conclusion of my nine-book, bestselling Rho Agenda series. I feel a bit nostalgic about leaving these characters I have come to know so well that they feel almost like family. Once again, MacLeod Andrews has done a fabulous job with the audio book version.



1. thelastbesthope - July 27, 2017

Let’s hope our heroes are revisited at some future date. We have all attached ourselves to the Rho Agenda.

It’s a saga that begs to continue.

rhoagenda - July 27, 2017

Thanks much. And here’s to you.

rhoagenda - July 28, 2017

Thanks Joe.

2. Laura Garcia - July 27, 2017

I think I have some idea of how you feel! It’s kinda hard to say goodbye for me, too! It’s been a fun and fascinating series! Well done! Thanks for all your hard work! Great thought-provoking and entertaining! Probably I’ll reread the series in the not-too-distant future! But I’m looking forward to more stories from you!

Warm regards,

Laura Garcia

rhoagenda - July 27, 2017

Thanks Laura. Here’s to more of our imagination.

rhoagenda - July 28, 2017

Thanks Laura

3. Frrank Mullin - August 9, 2017

Beyond just loving this whole series, I’m one person whose really enjoyed the descriptions of Quol. Richard didn’t have to do it and it probably didn’t add anything to the story. But oh how I love the visualization of the “magnificent magenta orb of Altreia” hanging fixed in the sky, producing all the magnificent colors Jack experience there. Wow!! I love it when authors sneak in something like that to add more depth to the story.

rhoagenda - August 9, 2017

Hi Frank,
Actually, I had a lot of fun with imagining an alien world, tidally locked to a brown dwarf, both of which orbit a star like our sun. Glad you enjoyed it.

4. John Loftis - August 15, 2017

I’m upset. Why is there no whisper sync for the last book? I have the Kindle edition and the audio on all your books, but on the last one I have to pay $14.95 to get the audio. Please tell me it’s amazon planning to screw me over on the last book and not the author. I like to read the book and then listen to it as I drive. I’m a trucker.

rhoagenda - August 15, 2017

Hi John,
Thanks for letting me know about this issue. I will get ahold of my publisher and get this fixed. It might take a few days though.

5. Chris Z, - August 23, 2017

Just finished the Meridian Ascent. The series is great. I hope that after a break Richard Philips will return to the universe he created. A new world order cannot remain perfect especially when Janet and Jack had chosen to remain on Earth. Thanks for a great story. I am looking forward to a new book.

rhoagenda - August 25, 2017

Thanks Chris.

6. Dennis - January 20, 2018

Wow! Sad it’s come to an end, thou a satisfying one. Not the back to usual. Very happy that there is openings for another trilogy, gives me hope as it is very hard to let go of your lovely character and their life developments. Have the books and audiobooks, only thing is I wish Kasari Nexus had Macleod Andrews on Audible. Thank you for the the long enjoyable series! My problem now, what’s next after this…

rhoagenda - January 23, 2018

Many thanks Dennis. Glad you enjoyed the ride. Right now I am getting ready to launch Curse of the Chosen in February 2018. It is the third book in my new epic fantasy series, The Endarian Prophecy. Once I finish that series I intend to start a follow-up series to the Rho Agenda.

Dennis - January 23, 2018

Take your time! Don’t forget to recharge your own batteries. Inspiration and ideas take its own time.

DillonO - January 24, 2018

Just finished this book, and thought, wow, this looks like Richard just opened least four sets of story lines I’d love to follow;
* The crew on the Meridian assent
* Those who have emigrated
* The RED couple and their son (nod to Bruce Willis and the gang)
* The challenges of ruling
(Trying hard not to have serious spoilers in this description)

I want to thank you for this outstanding series. You’ve done a stellar job in creating deep, insightful, fun characters, a diverse series of interesting locations and a plot that keeps me turning the pages. Nicely done. As you say in your quote, take your time getting back to this, explore other realms and see how the rest of your imagined universes help to mold the next chapters. I might even say that the Rho Agenda has been put to bed, but the characters are still chomping at the bit to keep us turning pages.

rhoagenda - January 25, 2018

Hi Dillon. Glad you enjoyed it and I look forward to following up on at least one of these story lines from the Rho Agenda series. I’m taking a bit of a scifi break to finish my new epic fantasy series, The Endarian Prophecy, but will come back to Rho characters once I have let them rest a bit.

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