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The Endarian Prophecy – Much More to Come March 3, 2018

Posted by rhoagenda in Rho Agenda Updates.


Hello to all my readers out there. Many of you have contacted me to ask when the next book of my epic fantasy series, The Endarian Prophecy, will be released. I am hard at work on it right now and will finish the first draft of what I am currently calling The Shattered Trident by late summer 2018. This novel picks up immediately after Curse of the Chosen and will be the first novel in the series that brings Lorness Carol and Blade into direct conflict against the ancient magic wielder, Kragan, and his allies. This continuing story will also reveal the missing branches of the nine magics, the secret of which lies in a disguised section of the prophecy contained within the Scroll of Landrel.

My publisher has not yet set a release date for the next novel but I will post it here as soon as I know. For you hardy souls who would like to join my group of Beta Readers … who get access to my early Beta Draft and get to have some input into the final shape of the story, just send an email requesting to be added to my Beta Readers List.

email: Richard.Phillips@SecondShip.net

Thank you for reading and supporting my novels.



1. Gary - March 16, 2018

Have read all your books. Awesome!! Can’t wait until the next one. Now……I’m 71years old……don’t wait too long.
Gary Brower.

rhoagenda - March 17, 2018

That’s awesome Gary. You have me by ten years but I will do my best to crank it out.

John Martin - April 25, 2018

Beat you, I am 74 and refusing to leave this world before I read them all.

2. John Martin - April 25, 2018

I have read the Books 1 through 3 of the The Endarian Prophecy. When is book 4 going to be released? Thank you for your effort and great writing.

rhoagenda - April 26, 2018

Hi John,
I don’t have an exact release date from my publisher. I plan on releasing the free Beta Draft to my Beta Readers in October. I’ve added you to the list in case you want to read the early draft.

3. Bruce - May 14, 2018

Seems like I am the youngster here, I am only 68. I have enjoyed the Rho Agenda series, et al. Look forward to the continuing saga here. Sorry Ty had to go, I liked his character.

rhoagenda - May 15, 2018

Thanks Bruce.

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