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Life’s Edge Interview August 30, 2019

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I just had a fun interview with Rick Zanotti and Harold Muliadi on the Life Edge podcast. We discussed my Rho Agenda series and my epic fantasy series, The Endarian Prophecy, along with what other projects I am about to start. I also enjoyed digging into the science behind the Rho Agenda and what I believe will be the next disruptive technology that will completely change our world. Here’s a link to: Richard Phillips on Life Edge



Free Beta Reader Draft of The Seer Available August 29, 2019

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I am pleased to announce that, for a limited time, I am making the FREE Beta Reader Draft of The Seer – Book 5 of The Endarian Prophecy available to my Beta Readers. To request your free copy of the draft and to sign up for my Beta Reader Program, just send an email to Richard.Phillips@secondship.net requesting to be added.

All I ask in return is that you let me know what you think of the novel and any suggestions or comments you might have about the draft version. Also let me know if you spot errors in the text. Your feedback allows me to improve the final product while I am in the editing phase of publication.

I would also appreciate it if you would post a review when The Seer is officially released. Reader reviews on Amazon are important to allow others to find my novels.

Thank you in advance.

Richard Phillips
Richard Phillips Author Page


Thank You to My One Million Plus Readers August 23, 2019

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Having surpassed the one million reader milestone, I decided to create a thank you video to all my fans. As I proclaim near the end of this montage, please drop me a line if you are passing through Phoenix. I love to meet with fans for coffee and conversation. Thank you for your constant support.

Click Here For the YouTube Video



The Shattered Trident Released August 22, 2019

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Having surpassed the one million readers milestone, I am very excited to announce the release of The Shattered Trident: Book Four of The Endarian Prophecy. We were fortunate enough to get Scott Merriman as the audiobook actor for this novel and he does a fantastic job.

Having finished The Seer, Book Five of The Endarian Prophecy, I am now working with my brilliant editor, Clarence Haynes, on the final draft. I am also making the Beta Draft available for FREE to my Beta Readers. My Beta Readers get access to FREE pre-release versions of my novels, six months before they go live on Amazon. If you would like to sign up to be one of my Beta Readers, just send an email requesting to be added to Richard.Phillips@SecondShip.net or sign up on my website: TheSecondShip.com

I look forward to hearing from each of you.

Richard Phillips

So you want to write a bestseller… October 24, 2018

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To all of you who have asked me for a few pointers on my recommendations on what to do to get your book published with the best chance for good sales, I recently gave a ten minute speech titled, “So You Want To Write a Bestseller”. I hope this inspires you to go for your dream.


Dead Shift Video Trailer September 11, 2018

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Here is a short video trailer for my bestselling SciFi thriller, Dead Shift. Turn up the volume and enjoy.


Dead Wrong Video Trailer September 10, 2018

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Here is a short video trailer to Dead Wrong. Turn up the volume and enjoy.



New Once Dead Trailer July 30, 2018

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Since it’s easier to give people an idea what my books are about with a short introductory video, I am in the midst of creating these video elevator speeches for the books in each of my series. Here is the Once Dead video.


New Trailer for The Rho Agenda July 22, 2018

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Here is the new video trailer for my bestselling Rho Agenda series. Turn up the sound and enjoy.


Shattered Trident Trailer July 21, 2018

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Rho Agenda Plans May 8, 2018

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Many fans of my Rho Agenda series have asked if I have future plans to extend the SciFi series after my current epic fantasy project, The Endarian Prophecy. I definitely plan on following up on several of my Rho Agenda characters as they react to the dystopian worlds in which I have left them. I just wanted to take a SciFi break to let my mind refresh itself.  Thanks for your loyalty.

Best, Richard

Polish Language Translations of Rho Agenda April 17, 2018

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For all my Polish fans out there, I am very pleased to let you know that my publisher in Poland, Fabryka Słów, has released the Polish language translation of the first two novels in my Rho Agenda series, The Second Ship and Immune. Here are the links to my pages on the Fabryka Słów website.




Shattered Trident March 29, 2018

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Hello to all my Beta Readers and fans. As is my custom, I am posting the ROUGH draft of Chapter One of The Shattered Trident – Book Four of The Endarian Prophecy as a sneak peak at what is to come. Here it is:


Magic is of three forms: time, life, and mind. And each form branches thrice, forming nine magics in all.

In the grip of what I once believed a noble ambition, I gathered nine artifacts of focus, forging them into a weapon of staggering potential. But my creation filled my mind with such wretched temptations that I have dismantled the thing before it unmakes me.

Thus have I sent my sons and daughters to secrete these nine skeletal fingers within the far reaches of the Sadamad and Endarian Continents, that they may never again be so combined. 

– From the Scroll of Landrel

~ 1 ~

Southeastern Endar
Year Of Record (YOR) 415, Late Spring

Kragan sat at the edge of the thumbs-breadth, red and black lined pattern etched into the stone floor, staring at the muscular she-vorg seated cross-legged at the spiral’s center. Lit by the three candles that were arranged in a triangle around her, the flickering flames cast a trio of her shadows up the chamber’s walls to waver on the granite ceiling.  Over the months since he had merged his mind with that of Kaleal, the primordial lord of the third deep, he had grown to like this new, seven-foot-tall body with the bronze skin, golden eyes, fanged mouth, and fingers tipped with razor-sharp, retractable claws. It was a vast improvement over the stunted human body the magic wielder had last occupied. His slitted pupils widened with an anticipation that tensed his muscles, threatening to burst the seams of his leather armor.

Charna, the she-vorg who commanded Kragan’s vast army, stared sightlessly toward him, her long black hair cascading down onto the bronze chainmail that draped her torso. Her lupine jaws jutted an inch from a vaguely human-looking face. The squareness of her chin reflected the aggressive nature that defined her, even in the midst of this induced trance.

When Kragan spoke, his low voice rumbled through the chamber. “Shall we begin?”

“Yes, my Lord,” said Charna, although her eyes remained unfocused.

Ever so carefully, he created a magical channel from the mummified ear in his left hand to Charna’s right ear.  Before the elite Endarian time shapers had created the time-mist barrier that wreathed the Endarian Continent, this branch of life-shifting magic had been Kragan’s most powerful ability. Now, isolated from the source of his power, which lay across the Brinje Ocean, he could barely even manage this minor transference. But it would serve its purpose.

Despite the depths of the trance that immobilized her, a low moan escaped the she-vorg’s throat. Her left ear shriveled as the life essence drained from it into the human ear that Kragan held. Kragan felt that ear plump and warm in his hand until it felt as it had all those centuries ago, when he had cut it from the head of the body that had once been his own, back on his home continent of Sadamad. With a deft movement, Kragan drew the ceremonial dagger from its belt-sheath, leaned forward, and cut Charna’s now-shriveled right ear from her head, feeling the spray of warm blood on his knife-hand. The heavy odor of it wafted to his nose, leaving a faintly metallic taste on his tongue.

Then, after setting the knife on the stone floor, he pressed the human ear against the bloody hole on the side of Charna’s head, wielding his magic to funnel the life energy from a caged rat to heal her wound. Ignoring the rat’s agonized screeching, Kragan watched as the human ear knitted itself in place, stopping the blood flow that ran down Charna’s neck and onto her armored shoulder.

Kragan leaned back, picked up the dagger, wiped it on a dirty wool rag, and returned it to its sheath at his side. Then with a sharp clap of his hands, he awoke the she-vorg from her trance.

She blinked twice, and her grimace became a scowl that she quickly suppressed, her iron will a testament to the self-control that had long ago earned his respect. Charna reached up to touch her new ear, comparing it to the feel of the other.  Once again a scowl tweaked the corners of her mouth as she arranged her blood matted hair to hide the deformity.

“So now we will be able to talk from a distance?” she growled as she climbed back to her feet.

“Only if I open a channel between us. But you can always sense the direction back to me. Those abilities will be important when we begin our assault on the Endarian citadel next week.”

The big she-vorg spat at the mention of the foes she hated almost as much as Kragan did.

“Can’t wait,” she said, then turned and strode from the chamber, her long strides carrying her rapidly down the hillside toward the encampment in the valley below.

Kragan glanced down at Charna’s shriveled ear lying in a puddle of blood, gracing himself with the thought that he would soon be standing in Endarian blood. Rivers of it. Only fifty leagues now stood between him and his vengeance.

A familiar voice rumbled in his mind, that of the primordial lord, Kaleal, whose body Kragan now shared.

“Are you certain she will come?”

“The tiles are lined up as I have arranged them,” said Kragan. “Our attack on Endar will bring a response from High Lord Rafel. He will seek to aid his former lover, the Endarian Queen, Elan. And Carol will accompany her father’s legion to Endar Pass. It will happen as Landrel foretold.”

Kaleal’s laugh escaped from Kragan’s throat as the primordial broadcast his next thought into Kragan’s mind.

“The Scroll of Landrel leaves the outcome of that encounter in some doubt.”

“Landrel failed to foresee what we have become,” said Kragan. “As one, you and I shall shatter this world and Landrel’s prophesied witch along with it.”

“You sent hundreds of those who called themselves the Protectors against her and yet she destroyed them all,” said Kaleal. “If we are to overcome her, I must forge the wards that can protect us from her mind magics, of which elemental magic is but one branch. That can only be done in one place.”

Kragan knew where this discussion was leading him, to the throne room from which Kaleal ruled the four elemental planes as Lord of the Third Deep. It was a place that Kragan had visited only once before, where he had endured awful suffering in order to secure his alliance with Kaleal. A shudder spread from the base of his neck, raising gooseflesh down his arms and up into his scalp.

To return to that realm with Kaleal could only be accomplished by performing the ritual that would grant Kaleal supremacy over their shared mind and body. That meant submitting to possession, along with all the horrors that would accompany that act. But the thought of the danger Carol Rafel posed overcame Kragan’s reluctance to go through with this.

Remaining in the cross-legged posture which he had maintained while casting the spell that had created his link to Charna, Kragan stared at the pool of vorgish blood, tendrils of which had crawled toward him. He inhaled deeply, held his breath for several seconds, and then slowly released it.

Then Kragan closed his eyes and muttered his question, “After you create the wards, you will return me to this world and reinstate the arrangement we both agreed to?”


Although Kaleal’s answer was the one Kragan wanted to hear, the anticipation in Kaleal’s voice filled Kragan with trepidation. Nevertheless, Kragan let the tension flow from his body and, as he did so, he felt the world dissolve around him.

* * *

Kragan felt his mind pushed into the background as Kaleal took control of his body. Oddly enough, Kragan’s five senses still registered their strong impressions on him, but he could not so much as twitch a finger. Kragan was merely along for the ride. Kaleal stepped to a heavy, iron-bound door, twisted the handle, and shoved. It swung outward to reveal a narrow stone stairway that spiraled downward, its steps worn by the passage of many feet, the granite walls almost scraping his broad shoulders. Kaleal descended with the sure strides of eternal familiarity.

The stairway ended and Kragan entered a dimly lit chamber, its high ceilings supported by tall, fluted columns. In the great hearth on the far wall, an eternal flame bled its red light into the mist that swirled almost to Kaleal’s knees. Kragan felt his eyes drawn to the throne that faced the fireplace. The red wood of the chair had the texture of scabbed flesh. Bas-relief faces distorted in pain crowded together along the surface, faces that seemed to move as he approached.

The sight of that chair and the tortured souls eternally enslaved within it pulled forth the bright memory of the pain that Kaleal had inflicted on him within this very chamber. He could almost hear the ghostly cries emanating from the wood.

Kaleal paused before a massive golden kite-shield, mounted on the stone wall to the throne’s right, its metal rubbed to a mirror finish, reflecting Kaleal’s firelit figure. Then the primordial turned and seated himself on the throne. As he settled into place, the agony of the thousands of minds that Kaleal had imprisoned within the hellish chair filled Kragan’s thoughts as their torments were transmitted directly into Kaleal’s mind.

Kaleal fed upon that agony, drawing power and focus from his seat of power. With a flick of his right hand Kaleal summoned a piece of delicate white cloth from the mantle above the roaring hearth. As it settled across Kaleal’s outstretched hand, Kragan saw that this was a scrap torn from a lacy white nightgown. A vivid memory blossomed in Kaleal’s mind, pulling Kragan into that dreamscape along with him.

* * *

The primordial lord stood in the chamber, facing Carol Rafel, who wore only a white lace nightgown. Kaleal moved closer, his hungry eyes devouring her body as she watched. A smile flitted across his lips as Kaleal reveled in the trepidation he sensed within this young woman. She imagined herself strong enough to dare confront him here, within his throne room. Such arrogance carries a heavy price.

“You are the one of whom the Endarian, Landrel, foretold, and I will have you for myself. I am Kaleal.”

Her beautiful face tightened in a mask of concentration and a wall of steel bars materialized between them. Kragan tightened his mental vice on her mind, achieving a link so strong that he could hear her thoughts and feel her emotions. It was a rush that left him salivating with anticipation of what was to come. He held out a hand, flicking his finger upward.  A sudden gust of wind whipped up her nightgown.  As Carol moved her hand to push the flimsy covering back down, she lost her focus and the bars disappeared.

“Girl, in minutes you will beg me to take your body, even though you know that to make love to me is madness.  And I will take it, and though your mind will be consumed, you will scream with pleasure that few have known. Already you want me.”

Kaleal’s eyes narrowed and a wave of desire assaulted Carol.  Her breasts tightened and firmed, leaving her squirming beneath his gaze.  Her breath came in ragged gasps.  He projected a vision into Carol’s mind of his strong arms encircling her body.

Kaleal moved in until his body lightly touched hers, his fingertips softly stroking a path up her stomach.  As he bent his beautiful face to look directly into her eyes, Carol’s knees sagged.  She struck out at him, but somehow her slap became a caress, her arms moving up and around the primordial’s neck of their own accord.  As her hands touched his smooth skin, a wave of passion surged through her body, robbing her of the strength to remain standing.  Kaleal swept her up in his arms and carried her toward an ebony colored divan.

He felt Carol struggle to get hold of her feelings.  She knew that to have sex with a being from the elemental planes damned the human soul to eternal imprisonment. It would leave Kaleal in control of her earthly body.

Kaleal laid her on the satin that was not absolutely black. Thin veins of red meandered through the cloth, veins that pulsed with a vitality that matched her own pounding heart.  The primordial’s hand stroked lightly, barely touching her skin, leaving her gasping and squirming beneath his touch.  She began to shake uncontrollably.  He leaned over her, gently caressing her ankle and calf.  Her gown had come up until more than half her thigh showed and his ravenous eyes sucked her in, his hot breath searing her bare skin.

The primordial moved her hand to his breast, guiding it to stroke his chest.  Carol’s eyes widened and began to water as she fought with every ounce of her strength to deny the feelings cascading through her body.

Kaleal’s lips brushed her neck and she felt her hands move over his chest of their own accord.  He reveled in her horror as Carol realized that he had released them long ago.  The feel of the incredible muscle definition beneath his skin brought tears to her eyes as the true nature of such terrible beauty burned her soul.  Unable to accept the weakness that was allowing Kaleal to ravage her self-image, Carol’s mind tried to lock this experience into a part of her mind where she would not remember it. And his knowledge of those thoughts further excited Kaleal.

She held a being that no master sculptor could hope to capture with his art, with skin as thin and smooth as a satin sheet.  The musky smell of his sweat dizzied her, adding to the heat rapidly building inside her.  She panted heavily, her body beginning to arch involuntarily.  Her lips brushed his ear and her tongue flicked out to touch his neck, the salty taste of him lingering when she pulled it back into her mouth.

The primordial moved slowly atop her, his mighty hand raising her gown, inch by inch. It stopped three-quarters of the way up her thigh as Kaleal shifted his attention to the upper part of her nightgown. Peeling it back from her shoulders, little by little, he revealed the firm curves of her heaving breasts.

Lowering his head, he kissed her throat softly, the contact sending an electric thrill through her with each exceedingly light touch.  He moved lower, working ever so slowly down her silky throat toward her breasts, never quite touching them, though they strained to reach him.  His right hand moved down once again, sliding along the inside of her knee.  Carol spasmed and a low moan escaped her parted lips.

“Easy now,” Kaleal purred, “Not just yet.  We are going to take our time here. I want to appreciate your body, to savor it before I take you. But you will beg me before much longer and, as time passes, your pleading will grow desperate.  Such pleasure is impossible to endure.”

A low laugh rippled from his lips as he bent once more to Carol’s throat. With a last burst of will, Carol forcibly shifted her thoughts to a man.


Her scream echoed through the chamber.

Kaleal stumbled backward, putting his hands up to cover his face. When he lowered them, Arn, the assassin known as Blade, stared back at her.

In this guise, Kaleal leaned in. She kissed him, running her arms around his neck and into his curly brown hair. A wave of emotion stronger than the primordial’s desire suddenly coursed through her soul.

“I love you, Arn,” she gasped, clasping him to her. “I have always loved you.”

With that admission, a new strength of will blossomed in her mind. She loved the real Arn, not this impersonation. Releasing her arms from around his neck, Carol pushed him away.

Kaleal snarled, transforming back into his primordial form. The dark slits within his golden eyes widened as his lips curled back to reveal fangs.

“So, you reject my passion. Then you shall know pain.”

As Kaleal’s clawed fingers touched the shoulder of her nightgown, Carol’s anger crystallized. Above Kaleal, the ceiling supports gave way, crushing the primordial to the floor beneath tons of falling stone. He tossed the rock aside in an attempt to rise, but she conjured steel chains that strapped him to the ground. Kaleal fought desperately to break free. The chains thickened and held. Adding power to her visualization, Carol fastened a steel collar around his neck and bolted it to the stone floor.

For a moment Carol stood over him. Then she faded from the primordial’s realm, leaving Kaleal clutching the scrap of lace that he had torn from her nightgown as she pummeled him to the floor. And the magical chains with which she had bound him disappeared along with her. As he climbed back to his feet, squeezing the garment fragment in his right fist, Kaleal’s bellow of rage shook the stone walls.

* * *

The memory evaporated leaving Kragan shocked at what he had seen. His mind link with Kaleal told him that this had been Carol’s introduction to the elemental planes. Unlike any other aspiring wielder that Kragan had ever heard of, the Ritual of Terrors had brought her into the presence of the Lord of the Third Deep. By all rights, her mind should now reside with the other lost souls, trapped within the scabbed wood of the throne atop which Kaleal now sat.

Kragan turned his attention to that piece of Carol’s nightgown that had pulled Kaleal back into the memory that haunted the primordial. Ever so carefully, Kaleal shifted the lace to his left hand and plucked a single strand of brown hair from it. He held the hair up so that it shown with the light of the hearth flames.

“This will do nicely,” said Kaleal, his low voice rumbling above the sound of the crackling fire.

Kragan watched in fascination as yellow tree-sap bubbled into the palm of Kaleal’s left hand. Extending a claw he sliced a two inch strand of the brown hair, made a slit in the sap, and carefully embedded the hair within. Pulling upon the power he drew from the agonized souls trapped within his magical throne, Kaleal concentrated. Kragan saw the sap flow, closing around the strand and then harden into a transparent amber pendant that had a hole at one end to allow it to be strung on a necklace.

Setting the newly fashioned pendant aside, Kaleal set to work creating three others, each unique in its shape. But the longest strand of Carol’s hair went into an amber that measured a hands-span in length. Kragan felt Kaleal’s excitement grow, as did his own, knowing that he would wear the largest of these warded pendants into battle against Carol. He would reserve the other four for the most important of his army’s magic wielders.

Having completed his spell work, Kaleal rose from his throne, strode to the stairway, and climbed back into the natural world.

* * * 

Kragan opened his eyes, his lungs expelling an involuntary gasp of relief that Kaleal had released control of this body, honoring their arrangement.

He stared down at the five amber pendants in his right hand, feeling their soft glow spread into the golden skin of his palm. They tingled, causing his clawed fingernails to extend. Kragan rose to his feet and walked outside to stare into the gathering twilight.

Summoning Dalg, an Earth elemental he favored, Kragan transformed the cavern he had created. And as the stone and detritus flowed, the cliff wall reformed, leaving this place looking just as if he had never been here. As he turned to look at the smattering of fires in the valley below, his gaze shifted toward the moonlit white peaks that sheltered Endar Pass. If he could have teleported this horde to his objective and begun the battle tonight, he would have. But having survived all these millennia, the extra eight or nine days it would take to march his army to the Endarian citadel were nothing more than the buzzing of a gnat in his ear.

He sniffed the night breeze. The smoke from his army’s campfires filled his nostrils, pulling forth a vision of Carol Rafel’s battered body, impaled on a pike as the Endarian Palace burned and crumbled around her. A snarl curled his lips, ribbons of saliva dripping from his inch-long fangs. Before he let his prophesied nemesis die, Kragan would savor the taste of her blood.

The Endarian Prophecy – Much More to Come March 3, 2018

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Hello to all my readers out there. Many of you have contacted me to ask when the next book of my epic fantasy series, The Endarian Prophecy, will be released. I am hard at work on it right now and will finish the first draft of what I am currently calling The Shattered Trident by late summer 2018. This novel picks up immediately after Curse of the Chosen and will be the first novel in the series that brings Lorness Carol and Blade into direct conflict against the ancient magic wielder, Kragan, and his allies. This continuing story will also reveal the missing branches of the nine magics, the secret of which lies in a disguised section of the prophecy contained within the Scroll of Landrel.

My publisher has not yet set a release date for the next novel but I will post it here as soon as I know. For you hardy souls who would like to join my group of Beta Readers … who get access to my early Beta Draft and get to have some input into the final shape of the story, just send an email requesting to be added to my Beta Readers List.

email: Richard.Phillips@SecondShip.net

Thank you for reading and supporting my novels.


Walnut Grove Ranch – Where I grew up February 13, 2018

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I grew up a few miles from the tiny and historic town of Lincoln, New Mexico. The Walnut Grove Ranch house where I was raised was originally built in 1868 by Sheriff William Brady, who was killed by Billy the Kid only a couple of miles from there. Now, my family and I have made this lovely property available for VRBO rental for those who wish to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and take a step back into the history of the Old West.  It’s surrounded by mountains, streams, and wildlife and is close to skiing, horseracing, and for all you alien lovers, Roswell… where I was born.

Here’s a link:

Walnut Grove Ranch

Super Blood Moon Awesome January 31, 2018

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This morning, well before sunrise, I sat in my backyard with family and friends to toast the first Super Blue Blood Moon since the end of the American Civil War in 1866. To say that the experience was awesome is an understatement.

Our single moon, locked in its tidal grip with our world, so that it shows only one face to humanity, is a beautiful thing to behold. But in the grip of Earth’s shadow, it reveals itself to be something more: a blood-moon, ripped from Earth’s heart by a collision with her primordial, sister-planet.  As a result of that impact, our lovely moon grows ever more distant, year by year, century by century, millennium by millennium, until eventually it will be lost to the heavens. And should humans survive until that time, they will find themselves alone in a dark night, deprived of the goddess to whom Celtic priests and priestesses prayed.

So now, in these troubled times, I encourage you to look to our world, to our moon, and be thankful for all we have, for all we love. For it is love, and not hate, that binds us together, that brings us peace.

To all of those and their families, who sacrifice themselves to defend our freedoms to express ourselves, our love, and our art, my family sends our warmest regards. You truly are our heroes.



Final Cover for Prophecy’s Daughter August 19, 2017

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I am excited to release the final front cover for Prophecy’s Daughter, Book Two of The Endarian Prophecy.

Phillips-Prophecy's Cover HiRez

Rho Agenda Series $0.99 August Promo August 1, 2017

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In celebration of the August 8th release of the 9th and final book in my Rho Agenda Series, The Meridian Ascent, my publisher is pricing all of the other Rho Agenda novels at $0.99 for the entire month of August (United States).

Richard Phillips

Chronological Order of my Rho Agenda Series July 28, 2017

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With the release of the final book in my Rho Agenda series, a number of fans have asked me about the chronological order of all nine novels. Here it is.
The first three books give the Jack and Janet backstory and also reveals the backstory of the alien rider in Jack’s head (Khal Teth aka Anchanchu) , the Altreian being who pulls him into the Rho Agenda.
1. Once Dead
2. Dead Wrong
3. Dead Shift
Books 4-6 introduce the two starships from warring alien civilizations, The Second Ship (Altreian) and The Rho Ship (Kasari Collective) and their continuing warring agendas as they choose their human champions.
4. The Second Ship
5. Immune
6. Wormhole
Books 7-9 follow up on Wormhole and its aftermath, as several characters take their fight off planet while others continue to battle to save humanity on Earth.
7. The Kasari Nexus
8. The Altreian Enigma
9. The Meridian Ascent.
Hope this helps.

Conclusion of The Rho Agenda Series July 27, 2017

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The August 8th, 2017 release of The Meridian Ascent marks the conclusion of my nine-book, bestselling Rho Agenda series. I feel a bit nostalgic about leaving these characters I have come to know so well that they feel almost like family. Once again, MacLeod Andrews has done a fabulous job with the audio book version.